5 Marketing Ideas for the Year 2013

 Guest post by Mike Fitzgerald

2013 is still in its beginning stages, but people are already making plans for all throughout the year. In order to bring your marketing up to a higher level, what are some ideas you can use in this new year?

A Specific Audience
If you have not already established a target audience, you absolutely need to do so now. This step is an extremely important one. Let’s say your target audience is women in their mid 20s to early 30s. You don’t want to have old-looking patterns, fabrics or clothing styles in your ads – you want to choose images that are engaging to them. If you don’t pick a specific audience, you risk losing customers. Studying the demographics of your current clients is a way to determine who is actually buying the products. 

Mobile Marketing
This form of marketing is becoming quite popular, especially with the increased use of smartphones. No matter where your prospective clients are, you will be able to connect with them in just moments. Choose the most about snippets of information about the product or service to really catch their eyes and draw them in to read even more. 

A Facebook Page
If you’ve made it to 2013 without creating a Facebook page for your business, then you’re really doing a disservice to your company. With a Facebook page, you will be able to directly connect with the consumers and let them know that their opinions really do matter. When events are coming up or new products are being released, you can promote them on the Facebook page and built up hype for their revelation. Through sharing the page with friends and asking people to “like” the company’s statuses, you will be connecting with so many more people than ever before.

Old-Fashioned Methods
People have become so obsessed with marketing through technology, and they often forget that the old fashioned way worked for years. Have the best of both atmospheres by combining traditional marketing strategies with new ones in your overall marketing plan. If, for example, you sell vintage books, find out if you can post advertisements in a store that sells vintage clothing or a coffee shop that attracts an audience with a bit of an edge. 

Social Media Agent
When you are going to have social media as part of your marketing campaign, be it through a Facebook page or a Twitter account, it’s really important to put an individual in charge of these pages. You want someone who can monitor the pages and let you know what people are saying. Furthermore, people are going to post both compliments and complaints on the page, so this person can respond to them in a timely fashion. A social media agent is truly a trend to consider in 2013.

As the year goes on, you’ll likely notice a positive trend in your sales, and this increase of money will be at least partially in thanks to these marketing ideas for the year 2013.

Mike Fitzgerald writes about marketing, advertising and education. His latest work highlights the best communications programs in the US.

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