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Apple is all set to announce the launch of a new iphone and the release of Ios7 which could be the most sweeping change to its operating ios7-update2system not seen since 2007.Unlike previous cosmetic revamps the new operating system looks to respond to consumer criticism of the “clunky” feel of apple world vis a vis the simple and easy world of the android universe.

Looking and changing the way Apple feels could lead to a dramatic upsurge in mobile advertising which would be cause for Ios7apple shareholders to be upbeat as a positive catalyst could see the Cupertino based company’s share price regain highs not seen the fall of 2012.

Key enhancements in Ios7 are the introduction of itunes radio (freemium) and several changes in social media configurability.The ability to search Twitter (via siri)

And the integration of Bing as a search engine could buck the trend and challenge Facebook  and Google who lead the way as far as advertising on social media.

With the release of the new iPhone 5S and 5C, investors are still cautious as  the stock still carries a P/E just Apple Launches Ios7 timizzerover 12.6 and a dividend yield of 2.4%. The release of the new devices will likely be some kind of a catalyst for the stock, but the long term implications of iOS 7 and what it means for advertising could be just what the company needs to take into the last quarter.

Source: Apple iOS 7 Could Supercharge Mobile Advertising

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