Apple Tastier than Berry?

With the distinctly underwhelming reports of Apples demise after the launch of its two latest devices it seems that as Twain once remarked “reports of its demise were grossly exaggerated as Apple confirmed 9 apple berrymillion sales of its new Iphone5 since launch .Smartphone consumers seemingly have limitless appetites for newer and improved cutting edge features in mobile devices and its perhaps Apples keen recognition of the constant need to evolve to satisfy tech junkies that has allowed the company to be ahead of its competitors in an extremely crowded market.

Contrast this with Blackberry who five years ago was the undoubted king of the pile with its Blackberry smartphone that had a cult following in both corporate business circles as well as tech savvy youth.The cutting edge innovation that saw the likes of BBM come to the fore and become the de facto choice of smartphone communication worldwide gradually slowed down and eventually withered away to the point that the company that was once worth $50 billion was sold to a consortium that is led by Fairfax Financial for a paltry $4.5 billion.The decision to allow android and Iphone users access to Blackberrys crown jewel (BBM) was seen as a last throw of the device because blackberry bulleteven though it allowed new users to access the user friendly message medium it also allowed people to see what else was out there in terms of devices and operating systems.In an ever changing world its rare to see a newbie take on and seemingly trounce an established competitor but this seems to be the case with Apple and Blackberry…The months ahead will make good viewing…………

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