Blackberry Returns to Roots

The travails of Blackberry thru 2013 have been documented and commented upon at great length by industry pundits and commentators alike.After a series of failed ventures and buyout plans Blackberry ended up pretty much nowhere after most of its new lines and products flopped miserably.In an attempt to leverage the success of its BBM messaging service it even announced the launch of BBM for iphone holders .This gave people the chance to use the service they remembered and liked so well and one that contributed to Blackberry enjoying the growth it once did.As their touch screen models struggled to attract consumers new CEO John Chen is planning a return to its focus on keyboard eqipped phones.When Blackberrys ruled the world of corporate communications one of the prime factors behind its success was the durability of its keyboard and the ease with which long emails could be typed on the go as opposed to the touch screen keyboards which users have grumbled is not so robust.Chen who has been CEO since November aims to refocus on the corporate sector that fueled so much of its earlier success.In a show of how important keyboards are to the BlackBerry brand, the company is suing the maker of a snap-on keypad accessory for the iPhone, saying it closely resembles its products. That device — called the Typo Keyboard — is being unveiled this week at the CES conference.The Typo fits snugly onto an Iphone 5 has violated Blackberrys patents according to Blackberry , a charge which Typo denies and one in which it says it will defend itself vigorously.The new focus on the corporate sector also meant that collaborations with consumer symbols have also quietly been cut.Pop singer Alicia Keys who was hired by Blackberrys previous CEO Thorsten Heins to serve as creative director has also parted ways with the company.Keys was heavily involved in the launch last year of the Z 10 ,a touch screen phone that flopped miserably and caused almost a billion dollars of unsold stock to be sold off.

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