Disrupting Finance Event Series – The old new finance: disruption is dead!

Disrupting Finance Event Series – The old new finance: disruption is dead!

Hosted at Hotwire HQ: 69 Wilson Street, London EC2A 2BB

If we want to build Googles, Facebooks, and Apples in Britain, our entrepreneurs need the backing of British financial institutions. True, but is the LSE’s latest attempt to lure home our best of breed tech companies really a winner? Disruptive technology is becoming an overused term. Are we now not in the place where these ‘disruptors’ are now the disrupted within the Sahara that is financial technology?

The disrupting finance event series will be run by Hotwire PR along with two renowned financial technology practitioners. The objective is to bring together a group of stakeholders and practitioners across financial technology to discuss quarterly industry updates such as successful financings, notable news, novel technologies and concepts and debate the most relevant talking points across the industry.
Attendees will be a mix between financial technology start-ups, service providers, investors, journalists, advisors and institutions.
The series will be hosted at Hotwire PR London’s HQ for the launch event, with other venues across the City utilised for the follow up events.
The event series will cover off quarterly industry updates as a regular feature given by rotating sector specialists or research providers. The session will then lead with notable fintech company update presentations on notable financings or news. The event will finish off with a panel debate aligned with the industry research findings from earlier in that session.
Each session will have three sponsors (including Hotwire) from varying parts of the financial technology sector. Ideally this will be the research partner and one professional services provider.


Keynote speaker: Brett King
Brett King is a three-time bestselling Author, American Banker BTN’s Innovator of the Year (2012), the founder of the world’s first direct mobile-only banking experience Moven, and his personal brand was recently recognised as one of the Top 10 coolest brands in banking (Bank Innovation).
Brett will give a brief overview of the disruptive technology scene from a retail banking perspective. Brett will give an overview of the retail banking technology landscape from a behavioural and conceptual perspective.

Speakers and panel sessions

1. Industry update
Tim Kay, KPMG High Growth Technology Group (confirmed). 30 minutes
The industry update will feature on disruptive technologies asKPMG a concept in terms of is this still a valid term? Is disruption still happening in the financial technology sector? The research will trace the origins of disruptive technology in the sector, notable companies, shifts in opinion on the ‘disruptive’ or ‘new finance’ concept and technologies. The industry update should also focus on where disruptive technology is now in 2013 (what are the sub sectors, technology drivers and who is disrupting who?).

  • Is the financial services sector being disrupted? : an outline of the components of the sector– where is it being disrupted
  • Where does the UK fit in this? : building on the previous point a quick run through of some of the main players in the UK scene
  • Numbers: what does this look like in practice? Some numbers on funding, market opportunity etc.
  • Challenges and opportunities: legislation (opportunities and challenges), funding, sales cycles, competition from overseas hubs

2. Company updates (30 mins)
This section will see updates from some of the companies from the fintech sector who have received funding in the last 18 months.

  • Mike Laven, CEO of The Currency Cloud
  • Michael Kent, CEO of Azimo:
  • Transferwise, CEO of Taavet Hinrikus
  • Christoph Rieche, CEO of Iwoca

3. Panel – ‘Old new finance’ debate- 7pm (45 mins)
Disruption is dead and the new finance debate is turning into an old finance spin. Who is disrupting who and where are the key players in this value chain? Have we been white labelling out of date and disrupted technologies as pioneers in the field for too long?
The Fintech public are bored with endless debates, which talk about how great disruption is and how it will define the future of financial services.
What is the future and how exactly are these folk predicting the future when the current perception of what is ‘disruptive’ seems SO 2008!?
How are financial technology companies currently being supported in London and what are the future trends that this panel sees emerging over the next 2-3 year period?
Who are the real emerging disruptors?
How are we defining disruption within this sector?

Suggested panel members are:

  • Ben Holmes, Partner at Index Ventures
  • Michael Rolph, Director at Anthemis Group 
  • Kirk Wylie, CEO at OpenGamma 
  • Lucy Tarleton, UK Equity Primary Markets, London Stock Exchange

Chaired by Dorsey & Whitney LLP


Attending Journalists:

Tech City News, City AM, Daily Telegraph, London Evening Standard, TechCrunch, WIRED, Huffington Post and Mashable.

To register: https://disruptingfinance.eventbrite.com/

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