Fiscal Cliff not avoided by mere political posturing, says HiFX

Wednesday 2nd January 2013

By Jason Gaywood, director, corporate premier services at foreign currency exchange brokers HiFX:

“The events in the US over New Year are truly remarkable but perhaps for all the wrong reasons. The dangerous game of brinkmanship played by the Republicans in delaying any accord and the fact that the eventual agreement amounted to little more than papering over the cracks are both worrying signs that the US economy is in as big a mess as its EU counterpart. Toppling over the ‘fiscal cliff’ has by no means been averted in 2013 because all Senate and the House of Representatives have done is ‘kick the can down the road’ in much the same way as Obama criticised EU leaders for doing over here in 2012.

“The similarities between what we have just witnessed across the Atlantic  and the endless rounds of bailing out Greece and others in Europe only go to highlight how vulnerable the global economy remains. Raising taxes on the rich and simply delaying spending cuts for a paltry two months are going to do little to remedy the humongous US debt problem which amounts to over $17 trillion.

“The euphoric Equity gains overnight in the Far East are likely to be very short lived and significantly were not mirrored by the currency market where the US Dollar has failed to strengthen in the wake of the deal. The danger is far from over.”

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