Google HR takes Talent Analytics Seriously

Despite the hype about big data being used to influence managers hiring decisions, a recent survey revealed that only about 15% of managers changed their decisions following input from HR with data.

For years the hiring in companies has relied on a mixture of an old boys network coupled with the relevant experience and judgement but it seems one can now throw analytics into the equation as well.

Google seems to be embracing the challenge by using analytics to relate to the privacy of the data they gather on individuals working within the company.Employees are used to the fact that HR selectcertain personal details for example where do they live, spouses name etc are stored but what they don’t see is also how their responses to certain questions and scenarios are also logged and stored for future reference. Google says this has helped them in making the right choices for the right individuals for adapting to business challenges.

Ever wonder why all those surveys you took online at work were devised? Google stores all anonymous surveys privately and insists that sanctity of data is foremost in their minds.Their vision is that this kind of science can be used in a transparent environment where data can be pulled down from within the company to see where the company is going, what morale is like and what innovation would be needed in order to enhance both employee and company growth …it’s a very interesting concept from an innovative company using technology to extrapolate data to focus on a vision.

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