How snap decisions can lead to consistency in trading

How snap decisions can lead to consistency in trading

By Malte Kaub and Paul Wallace

The fundamental principle of trading is based on an understanding of the market and how to manage risk. These are the initial building blocks every individual needs to grasp in order to operate responsibly in the market.

Trading can be seen more as art than science. Our aim is to blend elements of both to improve trading performance.

Consistent success in trading requires far more than following the market trends and global news. A large part of success in trading rests on managing psychology and emotions. The theory of blink decision making, a subject we will be focusing on in the boot-camp, means that you train yourself to make the best instinctive decision.

Blink decision making is the ability to make quick decisions using the subconscious as the main decision maker. Our boot-camp will begin with the blink concept as a the subconscious mind as a tool.

Our three controllable elements to defining successful traders are; find the trade, trade the plan and manage the risks. Often we come across people who have not learnt proper risk management and this can lead to the emotional driven snap decision. Over the course of the boot-camp we aim to show traders how to understand emotional choices. The boot-camp is not just for beginners. It is aimed at all levels of experience.

The seminars are all about channelling back the energy to make decisions that will help you in the long term, as opposed to short term goals.

The boot-camp will not make you rich overnight but it will teach you how to be the best traders you can be. We will focus on the power of instantaneous decision making in trading and surface the most critical pitfalls inherent in this concept. Euphoria is an emotion that can influence a trader. Through our boot-camp we show the importance of risk management in trading.

Leveraged products are high risk; losses can exceed your initial deposit. ActivTrades is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, FSA registration number 434413. For further information and to book your place at the event please visit

Traders Paul Wallace and Malte Kaub will be hosting a trading boot-camp on behalf of ActivTrades on April 18th at the Westbury Hotel, London. Here they give a description of what attendees can expect on the day.

Malte Kaub is Managing Director at the Traders’ Leadership Council in London. Since 2004, Malte advises capital market oriented corporations and leverages his expert knowledge and network to help compress the learning curve for traders of all experience levels.

Paul Wallace is a performance coach and financial trader with more than 18 years’ experience working in competitive, results-driven environments. Coaching individuals who operate in challenging zero-sum settings, he helps create a ‘performance mind-set’ to promote success. With a background in sales, trading and the military Paul is a self-motivated individual. He is adaptable and versatile with proven sales, leadership, management and planning skills, developed in challenging and geographically diverse environments.


Source: Malte Kaub and Paul Wallace

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