How to Make Money in Stocks – Success Stories Continues to Top the Charts

Since coming out in January, Amy Smith’s How to Make Money in Stocks – Success Stories (McGraw Hill) has continued to be a chart-topping bestseller in Amazon’s investing category.

Success Stories is the “missing link” that connects the investing strategy of William J. O’Neil’s classic work, How to Make Money in Stocks, with this new book of inspiring profiles of people from all walks of life who have used the strategy to achieve their financial dreams.

“The personal stories and insights these investors share really bring the CAN SLIM® Investing System to life,” says Smith. “I think readers have connected to the investors profiled in the book because they’re honest and human – they make mistakes like everyone else. But the message seems to resonate clearly: By learning some basic rules and routines, these investors achieved true success.  Now that gives readers a clear and easier guideline for attaining their own financial goals.”

Smith uses Martial Arts analogies to inspire readers. “A Black Belt is a White Belt that never gave up” is one such theme that empowers readers by proving that anyone who follows some basic rules and doesn’t give up can achieve exceptional investing returns.

“Amy’s book is a unique blend of motivation and education,” notes Mary Glenn, Associate Publisher of McGraw-Hill Publishers. “It profiles a remarkably wide array of new and seasoned investors – and their personal journeys clearly show that regardless of background, education, job experience or age, anyone can use the CAN SLIM System to be successful.”  

“The stories in the book mirror my own investing journey,” says Smith. “I had a fitness training business decades ago, became interested in investing, and stumbled onto the CAN SLIM System over ten years before I started working at IBD. So I know what it’s like to be in the reader’s shoes, just starting out. Success Stories shows that if they’re willing to put in some effort, they absolutely can do this too.”  

People are clearly learning from these insights, and the response has been outstanding. “We’re already reprinting to handle demand,” notes McGraw-Hill’s Glenn. “It’s evident Smith’s book struck a chord with readers, all of whom would like to find a way to make more money.”

That’s further evidenced by letters and emails coming in from readers all over the country, saying the book has helped them become better investors:

“I’ve just read Amy Smith’s terrific new book.  It is a must read especially for anybody getting a new start, or re-start in CAN SLIM investing. It is much more than success stories.  The book covers all the basics in a very understandable way.  It’s the best introductory book on CAN SLIM I’ve read yet.” – Lee T.

How to Make Money in Stocks Success Stories is a fabulous book, and what perfect timing for where I am in my investing journey.”  – Carol S.

“What a great book. I was fascinated to read about your start with CAN SLIM investing and working for IBD.” – Mike H

“I am only half way through it but it is a classic and I predict I won’t sleep until I am finished. I absolutely love your Zen and martial arts way of integrating the lessons.” – Mike S.


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Smith is a host of IBD TV’s daily Market Wrap video ( and co-host of IBD’s weekly radio program, How to Make Money in Stocks (  She is also Director of IBD Meetup Development and a national speaker for Investor’s Business Daily.

Developed over fifty years ago by IBD founder William J. O’Neil, the CAN SLIM Investing System identifies market-leading stocks in their early emerging stages. In a 15-year, independent study of over 50 leading strategies, the American Association of Individual Investors* found the CAN SLIM approach has been the #1 growth strategy, achieving an annualized return of +24.7% from January 1998 through December 31, 2012.

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*The American Association of Individual Investors’ independent “real time” study of over 50 leading strategies found IBD’s CAN SLIM ® Investment System achieved an annualized return of +24.7% for the past 15 years (January 1998 through December 31, 2012, AAII Stock Screen). It is the #1 long-term growth strategy measured by AAII Journal.

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