The Simple Guide to Managing Cash Flow

The Simple Guide to Managing Cash Flow

MyAssetTag Releases Part Two of Intangible Assets Series

MyAssetTag, a creator of asset labels and tags to organize inventory, has released The Simple Guide to Managing Cash Flow. This free resource will assist business owners in becoming more efficient in managing the company’s cash flow.

The Simple Guide to Managing Cash Flow acts as a comprehensive personal consultant for business owners. Its inquisitive model assists business owners in thinking about previously untargeted areas. Unlike other guides with MyAssetTagexcessive information in traditional formatting, this resource provides a flowchart with financial question and answer possibilities. Each question directs users to an article written by an expert with solutions to business problems. Business owners can “star” these articles and save them for later use.

“Business owners always strive to improve cash flow management because it can make or break you, regardless of profits. We made a resource for businesses of any size to easily learn what they can do to improveMyAssetTag2 their cash flow,” said Blair Brewster, CEO of SmartSign, MyAssetTag’s parent company.

MyAssetTag focuses on the organization of tangible inventory. The expanse into intangible organization is a tool for the company’s client base.

Alex Roitman, Outreach Manager at SmartSign, said, “MyAssetTag wants to give businesses the tools to recognize, protect, and grow all assets they have. We know that you own more assets than just the ones you can tag.”

The Simple Guide to Managing Cash Flow follows the intangible asset post Business Owners, Are You Investing in the Right Places( The series will continue exploring other intangible assets.

About MyAssetTag

MyAssetTag, is a child company of Brooklyn, New York’s SmartSign, one of America’s fastest growing e-commerce companies. creates asset labels and tags to organize inventory. All tags are made from durable, high-quality materials. For more information about the products visit:

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