The Top 5 Accounts To Follow On Twitter For Investment Tips And Advice

The Top 5 Accounts To Follow On Twitter For Investment Tips And Advice

When it comes to Investment tips and advice it is of the utmost importance to take into account many factors such as the investor’s successes and how willing they are to share their golden nuggets. This is easier said than done and it can be seen on the lists provided by many magazines. These lists sometimes include people who are very popular in other areas and who have massive social media pull but who aren’t exactly the best investors around. For all the aforementioned reasons I will share a real list of those individuals who have earned their way through the investment world and who also are generous enough to share their points of view, tips, secrets and strategies next:

1. @fredwilson
Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures has an impressive record, he has not only invested in companies like Tumblr, Foursquare, Twitter, Zynga, Kickstarter and Etsy to name just a few. With such an impressive background and willingness to share he is number one in this list.

2. @abnormalreturns
Tadas Viskanta is the founder and editor of Abnormal Returns and he is highly praised among those in the know when it comes to financial markets. His background is almost as impressive as his excellent advice since he has an MBA from the University of Chicago and has a breathtaking experience of 20 years. Many individuals owe a large part of their fortune to the sound advice this individual provides through his twiiter account.

3. @alphatrends
Brian Shannon has been trading for more than 20 years and is extremely popular not only for clear and timely advice but also for the formatting of this quality content. The Technical Analysis videos are all the rage when it comes to technical training. A key of the success of these videos is how they encourage deep analysis based on experience without pointless indicators; this is really groundbreaking and effective.

4. @financialsamura
An investor who puts his own money on the line is really refreshing and sometimes more suited to those individuals who want to profit from their own investments. Sometimes the situations of big players are very different from those people who want to make the most out of their capital and this blogger has successful investments in real estate, property, stocks and private companies. His approach is really Zen-like which means it is clear, effective and fresh.

5. @theRealKiyosaki
Robert Kiyosaki might not need an introduction but if this is the case then he is a self-made multimillionare and author, creator of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad brand. He has single handedly introduced millions of people to clear and sound financial advice and his twitter account is a fascinating view to his gifted mind.

As you can see this curated list of investors has been made with one single purpose in mind: to provide you with the best tips and most guarded secrets when it comes to investing advice. It is no wonder that countless people are liberating themselves and their families financially by the sound advice provided in 5 these top of the line accounts in twitter.

This analysis was provided by Carl Shaw of . Carl is a social media expert living in Paris, France.

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